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Three years ago, I was stressed out of my mind. Things were not going the way I wanted them to, and the life I had envisioned was slowly unraveling.

First, here is some context. Having spent five years in France completing my undergrad and graduate degrees, I was excited and anxious to take the next step in getting established in France. I loved the country: loved the language, the culture, the history, and aesthetics. …

Using balance, acceptance, gratitude, and self-awareness to find lasting joy.

My film photography. Follow me on IG: @zanelovesfilm

Wherever you are in the world right now, take a minute to pause whatever you are doing and just be.

Deep breath.

Appreciate whatever beauty is in front of your eyes. A brick building, a worn wooden table, a maple tree in your backyard, your coworker’s smile, the steam from your morning coffee.

Now focus your attention on these words. Simplicity is a gift and virtue, if only we remain conscious enough to not let it slip away. Allow me to unpack the art of living a simple life.

Are you frustrated or tired?

It happens. The wonder of life is the full range of…

When I bought in, how much I’ve made, thoughts about the future

A post-fiat currency kind of world

Well, it’s official. For the past several months (and technically since the beginning of 2021) everyone and their mother has been talking about cryptocurrencies, altcoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, ledgers, wallets, HODLing, Doge, breakouts, rising wedges, and going to the moon. If that all sounds like Chinese to you, welcome. You’ve come to the right place.


If you have no idea what cryptocurrencies are, here’s the high-level explanation. If you already have some idea of what Bitcoin is, or you’re like an expert or something, go ahead and skip down to the next section.

Let’s take a step back and think…

Capturing beauty the way only film can, in one of Tennessee’s most iconic cities.

All film photos from the author — IG: @zanelovesfilm

Part I: The Solo Adventure

It began like most road trips do when they first take shape — a calling to get away, a nudge to see something different. Work was starting to take its toll. Last year, there wasn’t much traveling going on, because of the pandemic, but ironically it seemed as if people were awakening once again to the beauty and sights available to them in their own backyard (or in their own state).

So I figured I would take off. My tired old Corolla had 265,000 miles on it and I knew its limits. But Chattanooga was only 2 hours away, and…

To My Mom — Je T’aime.

My mom.

There’s something so pure about having a mother who loves you. If you’re lucky enough to have a mom who loves you unconditionally like I am, it tends to warm your heart and calm your soul as you move through life.

Sure, you won’t always see eye to eye, but she loves you and wants nothing but the best for you, and as a result you love her back humbly and dearly.

Try as you may to forget it sometimes, her instruction remains in you all the days of your life — and more often than not, you know her…

A hopeful poem about feeling kinda ‘meh’

Chattanooga, TN. I post my film photography on Instagram: @zanelovesfilm

It seems to come in cycles

A time for everything under the sun

That annoying friend knocks at your door (you say ‘No’)

But they magically unlock it and enter anyway

‘Blah’ has entered the chat

Of your mind

Your vision dims for awhile

Colors take on a paler tint

Part of you wants to survive (‘OMG I’m gonna make it through this’)

Part of you doesn’t care

At first it feels good to let go

After striving and running for so long

Whatever, brain chemistry is so complicated anyway

Walking around in a magical world of fake reprieve


It affected me both physically and mentally

Source: unsplash

Crash Course

I’ve always been fascinated with Eastern medicine and philosophies. It’s like the flip side of a single coin, where on one side you have all the ‘Western’ traditions of medicine: this focuses on diagnosing and treating a disease or illness based on a patient’s symptoms. On the other side, there’s the ‘Eastern’ traditions of medicine: this considers both the patient’s symptoms and an individualized diagnosis of a patient’s Qi (or ‘chi’) and takes a more holistic view of the person. …

Do nothing for a day, so that you can be alert and productive the rest of the week

My IG film channel: @zanelovesfilm

It seems to me we’re all burned out now-a-days. The world we live in has picked up speed at an alarming pace. A pace that is definitely not sustainable. The days seem to all blend together as our lives whirl by in the blender of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, the 21st century is super exciting. Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, international travel, the ability to meet people all over the world. It’s great.

But on the flip-side of that coin, there are unending distractions at our fingertips, the constant fight against unending appeal to limitless desires through advertising…

Here are 4 tips to get out of your mental rut. Give yourself patience and grace.

My film account on IG: @zanelovesfilm

Dear overthinking human,

You’re not going to solve the world’s problems in your head. And you’re not going to protect yourself from the world in your head. No matter how hard you refine and purify ideas in your hyperactive noggin, at some point it pays to take action, if only to give your grey matter a release.

So here’s a reminder to stop overthinking. Don’t beat yourself up because you caught yourself playing mental gymnastics again. Just become aware… let it go again… and carry on with your day by doing the next right thing. Rinse and repeat. …


Welcome to the Philosopher’s Spotlight. Every so often, I take a look at a philosopher that shaped his or her life with profound words and deeds, and impacted the lives of those around them in a meaningful way. I love drinking in proverbs, wisdom literature, and insights or different ways of living that can help us all live better, find peace and love more.


Thomas Merton is rapidly becoming one of my favorite people and most endearing friends. You know, those authors or professors or scientists or musicians that have long since passed away, but who connect with you instantaneously…

Zane Fleming

Deep thinker, French lover, Christ follower.

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